Are golf simulators expensive? Yes, they can be. There are 8 core components in a full golf simulator setup. We cover the costs of each golf simulator item and describe 5 levels of setup in ascending order of total expense.

A full golf simulator setup with a protector, quality hitting mat, enclosure, impact screen, simulation software and Skytrak Launch Monitor will likely cost around $7000. Golf simulator costs vary wildly from under $1000 to $70,000 depending on your needs and goals.

Towards the end of this post we cover the Hidden Costs in a Golf Simulator and the costs of Golf Simulator Finishing Touches, as well as how to splurge on luxury golf simulator items.

Please note all the suggested prices in this article are either approximations or taken from prices published in January 2021. They may change. Also, when looking at the prices of projectors, screens, and enclosures, make sure you make choices and combinations that will fit the size of your golf simulator space. You need to get the throw ratio and aspect ratio right. We have lots of information on these features – have a look here.

Cost Calculator

How much does a Golf Simulator Cost?

A full golf simulator setup contains the following core categories products, in a variety of shapes, sizes and levels of quality:

  • Launch Monitor
  • Hitting Mat
  • Enclosure with Frame, Netting and Blackout Curtains
  • Projector
  • Impact Screen
  • Simulation Software Subscriptions
  • A PC, Tablet or Smartphone
  • Clubs, Balls and Tees
Golf Simulator Components

There are also several extra items that you will need for your golf simulator, each of which will cost extra:

  • Wiring for projectors, computers and other electronics
  • Protection for your ceilings and walls
  • Swing Cameras and Mirrors
  • Putting Mats and Training Aids
  • 5 Further Hidden costs we cover at the end of his article

Links to Components in the Cost Calculator

Check out all the Products and Deals Mentioned in the Cost Calculator Above


  • DIY Screen from EMT Piping

Simulation Software

Costs of DIY vs Package Golf Simulators

You will usually save money by taking a do it yourself approach, though there are some great deals where savings can be made. See the EYE XO deal below from Shop Indoor Golf.

Package deals can allow you to pick up several great components all in one purchase, and takes out a lot of the guess work too.

The biggest saving you’ll probably make is by constructing your own metal frame enclosure. The components you’ll need for this are:

  • 1 inch diameter metal piping or EMT
  • 1 inch diameter corner pieces
  • A saw capable of cutting metal pipe
  • Foam insulation for the piping.
20200308 140139

You can then draw a cuboid enclosure diagram and mark out your sizes. This can be a great way of making a custom enclosure for your space, and you can make it as deep as your room will allow. I recommend removing the long width piece of pipe from above the golfer’s head. The structure will still stand without it and it won’t get in your way.

Costs of Used vs New Golf Simulator Components

I would usually recommend new components due to the intact warranty and added confidence you’ll have that everything will work as it should. However you can get some excellent deals on second hand parts. Consider a second hand gaming PC if you need some graphics power but your budget is tight.

The prices of launch monitors have been inflated recently given the lack of supply caused by world events.

5 Golf Simulator Setup Types + Lists of Example Components

Simple Hitting Bay

The cheapest form of home golf swing practice is to set up a simple hitting bay with a net, enclosure and mat. This could me inside or outside and you only really need enough room to swing.

Golfers with severely limited space may choose this setup, especially as it can be easily setup outside.

The minimal list of golf simulator components you need for a simple hitting bay are:

  • Golf enclosure
  • A Golf Net (you may choose to use a net with side extensions rather than a metal frame enclosure, see The Net Return Nets).
  • Golf Mat (this does not need to be an expensive one – there are many budget mats on
  • Clubs, Balls, Tees

Approximate Cost for this Setup Outdoors: $500

This setup can be combined with swing cameras or even a launch monitor and iPad setup. This way you have everything except the projector and impact screen.

Many people combine Skytrak, an iPad, and a golf net for a budget home golf simulator!

Affordable Golf Simulator Cost – Full Setup

A golf simulator with a full setup is what I consider to include a projector, impact screen and simulation software.

You can approach a full golf simulator setup by buying the parts separately and even building the whole thing yourself, or going for a package deal. We talk about this more later in this article.

This category of golf simulator setup is one that fulfils the idea of a full setup but that remains as affordable as possible.

Skytrak Product Image

Affordable Range DIY Example Core Components

Consider the following components for an affordable full golf simulator setup:

Total approximate cost of core components: $5990

You will have to factor in the hidden golf simulator costs and finishing touches at the bottom of this page too.

You can make this setup even cheaper by using your own PC (providing it has sufficient performance) or using a tablet/iPad setup. The costs of a golf simulator PC are quite variable depending on your build and are higher for laptops.

Affordable Range Package Deal Example

Check out this prebuilt Skytrak SIG10 Golf Simulator Package from Shop Indoor Golf which contains everything you need to get started with your home golf simulator, including:

  • Skytrak Launch Monitor
  • Skytrak Protective Case
  • Optoma HD Projector
  • SIG 10 Enclosure with Side Barrier Netting and Landing Turf
  • Choice of Hitting Mat
  • Floor Mounting Projector Case (Optional use)
  • All the cables needed

At the time of writing, this package costs just under $7500.

The only thing you might consider adding is a simulation software program like TGC 2019.

Sig 10 Enclosure

I recommend prioritising a good golf mat, as over time a poor mat will start to hurt your joints when you get into thousands of shots.

As long as you can configure your setup to allow an acceptable projector positioning that doesn’t cast shadows, fills your impact screen with the image, and is out of the way of your swing, then you should be ready to go. There’s a lot to consider with projectors, please take a look at our projector articles to learn more.

Mygolfsimulator Featured Image
Mygolfsimulator Featured Image

Mid – High Price Golf Simulator Cost – Full Setup

This golf simulator setup is for golfers who can afford to pull the trigger on a few more premium components. You’ll benefit from a larger screen and enclosure and the additional features and club data offered by the Uneekor QED.

You can always go for a smaller screen and enclosure if you can’t quite accommodate the screen described below.

Uneekorqedmountedtoceiling 79Ccaf3A 73Bb 49D2 Bbc2

Mid – High Price DIY Example Components

Total approximate cost of core components: $12290

Again, you could make this simulator setup cheaper by using a PC you already own. I made my own enclosure and found it quite straight forwards but if you’d like to buy a pre-designed enclosure then check out the DIY enclosure from Carl’s which you can combine with their Premium Impact Screen.

Uneekor Qed Data

Mid Price Package Deal Example

Check out this excellent Uneekor QED Package from Shop Indoor Golf, which contains all the golf simulator components you’ll need, including:

  • The Uneekor QED Launch Monitor
  • Optoma EH412ST Projector + Floor Mounting Enclosure Box (optional use)
  • SIG 12 Enclosure, Landing Turf, side netting and Premium Impact Screen
  • A choice of a Fairway Series or SIGPRO golf hitting mat.
  • A Uneekor Ceiling Mount and 2 dozen Uneekor Golf Balls

This package, at the time of writing, costs just under $12,900.

Again you’d just need to decide whether to upgrade Uneekor’s base software to their premium packages Refine or Succeed, or choose another program like TGC 2019.

Uneekor Qed Simulator Package

Premium Golf Simulator Cost – Full Setup

This is my ideal golf simulator setup. I will continue to dream about being able to own an ultra high end golf simulator setup such as those provided by HD Golf, Full Swing Golf and About Golf.

Short of these golf simulator behemoths, this is the next best thing, and these products are still absolutely amazing. This setup features my favorite products from across the launch monitor market.

Premium Golf Simulator – DIY Example Components

Premium Package Deal Example

Shop Indoor Golf’s Uneekor EYE XO SIG12 Package is an amazing deal, featuring everything you’ll need to get setup with your EYE XO Golf Simulator.

Eye Xo Logo

This deal features the following high quality pieces:

  • Uneekor EYE XO
  • SIG 12 Enclosure and High-Quality Impact Screen
  • Optoma HD Projector
  • A Choice of Hitting Mat – the 4x10ft SIGPRO mat allows central hitting for left and right handed use
  • Landing Turf to reduce Bounceback
  • Ceiling Mount for the EYE XO
  • Side Netting for the Enclosure
  • All required cables
  • Floor Mounting Box for your Projector (optional use)
  • You can also choose to upgrade the EYE XO View software to Refine or Succeed or adding TGC 2019

This deal comes to a fantastic price of approximately $15,900.

Eye Xo Sig12 Simulator Package

GC Quad Package Deal

Alternatively, you should check out Shop Indoor Golf for an amazing fully equipped golf simulator setup featuring the Foresight GC Quad!

The GC Quad SIG 12 Golf Simulator Bundle features the following:

  • The GC Quad Launch Monitor (approx $14000 base price, $20,500 with Advanced Putting Analysis and Club Head Data)
  • FSX Simulation Software
  • The SIG 12 Enclosure and Premium Screen from Shop Indoor Golf
  • Optoma Full HD Projector
  • SIG Pro Central Hitting Mat with Tee Line Turf – for left and right-handed use.
  • Landing Turf and Side Netting
  • Floor Projector Mount Box (Optional Use)
  • All necessary cables

This setup will cost you approximately $20,400 without the Advanced Putting Analysis and Club Head Data Add ons, and approximately $26,900 with both included.

Ultra Luxury Golf Simulator Cost – Full Setup

Lastly, we have the ultimate in home golf simulator technology, HD Golf.

HD Golf Simulators uses advanced components and technology to provide comprehensive and accurate club and ball data, then giving you the ultimate golf simulator experience. The graphics are sublime.

You can also turn your golf simulator into a space to simulate lots of other sports such as Soccer and Football.

Hd Golf Simulator

Everything you need from a golf simulator is included in an HD Golf Package. Check it out at Shop Indoor Golf Here. Packages range from $56400 to $69035.

Hidden Costs with a Golf Simulator

Hidden and Extra Costs of a Golf Simulator Build

The following are the hidden costs of a golf simulator, which many don’t consider until they’ve actually cleared out their space, bought equipment or even finished their simulator:

  • Heating – Is your golf simulator planned for the garage? Those who live in northern areas with colder winters will find the temperature in the garage not dissimilar to being outside. You’ll spend money on garage heaters, insulation and even new windows and doors. Many people spend a lot more on heating and power inside the home too when using their simulator.
  • Electric Work – I recommend asking an electrician to assess your golf simulator space before you start construction. You’re going to need lots of plug sockets and a dodgy adaptor trailing across the floor is not ideal. Have 5-10 additional plug sockets installed and you’ll not need to worry about running out. Remember, you’ll need to plug in your launch monitor, projector, computer, charging cables, screens and any portable lighting or heating appliances, plus loads more.
  • Power Consumption – You will naturally use lots of power when running your golf simulator. Probably not a lot more than if you were doing other home entertainment activities but if you use your simulator a few hours a day then it will mount up.
  • Room and Home Alterations – will you need to raise a roof, build an outdoor room or shed or knock down a wall? These alterations can allow your simulator dreams to come true but could cost more than the simulator itself! Always get a report from a professional before embarking on such construction projects too!
  • Lighting – you will need to make some adjustments to the lighting in your golf simulator. You can start out with a simple pendant lightbulb hanging from the ceiling but after a while you’ll start playing with the optimal lighting for your launch monitor and even adding some coloured or smart lighting options. Greens obviously work well in a golf simulator!
Flaming power plugs in horizontal electrical socket realistic vector illustration isolated on transparent background. Short circuit in outlet because of overload, bad wiring concept. Home fire cause

Golf Simulator Finishing Touches

There will absolutely be finishing touches to add to your golf simulator. These are the items that make it yours, that make it Pinterest and Facebook worthy. I’m thinking of:

  • Extra artificial grass and putting turf for the floor
  • Training aids
  • Wall art
  • A beer fridge or a bar
  • Seating
  • Golf memorabilia
  • Any home theatre equipment
Beer Fridge

What Factors Increase the Cost of a Golf Simulator?

The following factors will increase the cost of a home golf simulator:

  • Size – bigger means more expensive. You’ll need a bigger impact screen, more enclosure material and netting. You may have enough room for a premium centre line hitting mat. The increased size in your simulator may convince you to go for a more premium launch monitor as well. That’s not to mention you’ll have more room for all the extra swing analysis options like cameras and other training aids.
  • The big items –

Golf Simulator Cost Saving Tips

I recommend checking out the GS Pro Simulation Software while it is still in beta mode. Until the full launch the software is available for just $30. GS Pro isn’t available with Skytrak or Mevo Plus but is a great option with Uneekor QED, EYE XO and GC2.

Consider going for a DIY enclosure as we explain above, this can be a massive cost saving.

Start small and build up over time. If you can’t quite afford your dream EYE XO of GC Quad setup then start with a Skytrak or Mevo Plus and work up. Similarly, if you can’t budget for a full setup golf simulator then just start with a simple hitting bay.

Are Home Golf Simulators Worth it?

Yes! A Golf Simulator is absolutely worth the cost, though there are many different types of golf simulator setup and you should aim to build one that suits your budget as well as your dreams.

There are so many ways to practice your golf game and have fun in your simulator. It is your home practice and coaching facility, your entertainment centre, somewhere to hide and somewhere to show off.

Hd Golf Simulator Training Package 1024X1024 1

There are lots of decisions to make when planning a golf simulator. Try and set a budget that works for you and your family and stick to it. See where you can make savings that will allow you to spend bigger on the core components.

Upgrade your Golf Simulator Build as you go

I also think a golf simulator doesn’t have to be 100% finished on the day you cut the ribbon on your new build. You can add to it and upgrade as time goes on. Your launch monitor, mat, and even your screen can be easily chopped and changed. As long as you have space you can upgrade right through from a simple hitting bay to a luxury setup.

Good luck with your golf simulator build! 😀

Alex @ mygolfsimulator

Alex White is a 4 handicap golfer and is a familiar face at Hexham Golf Club, England. He launched in February 2020, where he has personally authored over half a million words on golf simulators, earning a reputation as an expert in this area. His knowledge extends beyond theory; Alex has personally designed and constructed three distinct golf simulator rooms over the last four years. He also provides consultation services for fellow golf enthusiasts looking to create their own home golf simulators. In addition to his golfing pursuits, Alex is a dedicated medical professional. He earned his medical degree (MBBS) from Newcastle University in 2014 and currently works as an emergency medicine registrar in the north-east of England. Alex recently achieved the FRCEM (Fellow of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine) qualification, marking a significant milestone in his medical career.
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