Mevo Plus Pro Package & Fusion Tracking Update

Big changes are coming to the Flightscope Mevo Plus! Flightscope Mevo Plus owners can look forward to the addition of Flightscope’s patented Fusion Tracking technology which will bring enhanced data accuracy to the current set of data. The new Mevo Plus Pro Package, which is a new paid firmware upgrade, will add club data to the Mevo Plus. 

Flightscope’s Fusion Tracking is a free technology upgrade for all new and existing Mevo Plus owners, with the specific intention of increasing data accuracy. Optimal Accuracy is achieved by combining the Mevo Plus radar system with Flightscope’s advanced image processing technology.

The Flightscope Mevo Plus Pro Package is an upgrade for the Mevo Plus which will add 11 new launch monitor parameters, including advanced club data, to the 16 already offered. The Pro Package was released in early January 2022 and costs a one-off fee of $1000 with no subsequent subscription.

Flightscope Mevo Plus 2023 Edition

FlightScope Mevo Plus 2023 Edition

The Mevo Plus Launch Monitor, particularly the 2023 edition, offers a range of advanced features and specifications. Here's a list of its key features:
  1. Doppler Radar Technology and Fusion Tracking: Utilizes advanced radar technology for tracking, ensuring accurate data collection. Fusion Tracking combines 3D Doppler radar with image processing for precise and reliable data.

  2. Enhanced Battery Life: The 2023 edition features a longer battery life, allowing for extended use.

  3. Upgraded Kickstand: Comes with an improved kickstand design for better stability and usability.

  4. Measures Club and Ball Data: When equipped with the Pro Package, the Mevo Plus is capable of measuring over 20 different data parameters, providing comprehensive feedback on each shot

  5. Indoor and Outdoor Capability: Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, Mevo Plus is Portable and User-Friendly: .

  6. GS Pro Official Integration: as well as E6 Connect, Creative Golf, Awesome Golf and TGC 2019

  7. Face Impact Location Feature: An optional feature that provides detailed feedback on the impact location on the club face.

  8. FS Golf App Compatibility: the FS Golf app is fantastic for data tracking and analysis.

  9. Automatic Video Clipping: The device can automatically record and clip videos of every shot, integrating data for comprehensive analysis

The Mevo Plus Launch Monitor, especially its 2023 edition, is a sophisticated golf training tool that utilizes advanced Doppler radar technology for precise shot tracking and data analysis. It's designed for both indoor and outdoor use, offering over 20 data parameters and enhanced features like Fusion Tracking and GS Pro integration for a comprehensive golf simulation experience at an affordable price.


Official GS Pro Integration

Incredible Data Offering at this Price

Face Impact Location

Excellent Apps and Video Integration

Fully Portable

Broad Software Compatibility


Requires Metallic Dots on Golf Balls (as do most LMs at this price)

Owing to the radar technology Mevo Plus requires more indoor space than other LMs that use cameras/photometric tracking

These upgrades will make the Mevo Plus competitive with much higher price launch monitors towards the top of the launch monitor market. A few years ago you needed to spend well over $10,000 to access club data parameters such as club path and dynamic loft. 

This article will examine whether these upgrades represent a good deal for current and prospective Mevo Plus owners, and we’ll talk about why the news has caused a little controversy. 

Mevo Plus Pro Package And Fusion Tracking

What is the Mevo Plus Pro Package

The Flightscope Mevo Plus Pro Package is huge news for Mevo Plus owners!

Launching in January 2022, the Mevo Plus Pro Package will add 11 new launch monitor parameters to the 16 already offered. The new data points will transfer straight through to all of the simulation programs supported by Mevo Plus as well as the FS Apps.

Here are the launch monitor data parameters available with both the standard Mevo Plus and following the Mevo Plus Pro Update
Launch Data ParameterMevo PlusMevo Plus Pro Upgrade
Carry Distance
Ball Speed
Club Speed
Smash Factor
Apex Height
Flight Time
Spin Rate
Spin Axis
Spin Loft
Shot Shape
Vertical Launch Angle
Horizontal Launch Angle
Lateral Landing
Angle of Attack
Total Distance and Roll Distance
Club Path
Face to Path
Face to Target
Vertical Swing Plane
Horizontal Swing Plane
Dynamic Loft
Low Point
Vertical Descent Angle
Speed Profile
Acceleration Profile

Here is my article explaining in detail the launch data parameters already recorded by the Mevo Plus, I will update it with the Mevo Plus Pro data soon.

How much does the Mevo Plus Pro Package cost?

The Mevo Plus Pro Package will be available in January 2022 and will cost a one-off fee of $1000 with no subsequent subscription. Existing Mevo Plus users can choose not to upgrade and continue using their units as normal, whilst benefitting from the Fusion Tracking update free of charge.

The price of the Mevo Plus Pro Package should be appropriate for your currency and area, it will be £750 in the UK for example. Webp To Jpg 1

Will it be cheaper for existing Mevo Plus users?

The Mevo Plus Pro upgrade is currently advertised to cost $1000, though there has been some discussion about a possible discount for current Mevo Plus owners. This has yet to be announced but I will update this post as soon as any news on this breaks.

How will the Mevo Plus Pro Update work?

Should you choose to buy the Mevo Plus Pro update from January 2022, you will be sent an electronic license key, which will allow a firmware update on your Mevo Plus and the new data will be unlocked.

It remains fully to be seen how many of the new data points will be measured and how many will be calculated from other data. However, the addition of the forward-facing camera and the image processing part of Fusion Tracking will hopefully make accurate club data measurement possible.

Flightscope representatives have said in webinars they would like to attain a club path accuracy to within a degree, which is pretty tight. We will have to wait until the rollout of the upgrade to fully assess the accuracy of the new Mevo Plus Pro data parameters.

What is Fusion Tracking?

Fusion Tracking is a patented technology from Flightscope and it comprises the combination of 3D Doppler radar monitoring of the golf ball as well as advanced image processing technology aided by a forward-facing camera. Fusion Tracking aims to bring together the benefits of both radar and camera-based launch monitors.

Previously the Fusion Tracking technology was a feature only of Flightscope’s flagship products such as the X3 launch monitor. Note that Fusion Tracking is about data accuracy and does not, in of itself, increase the number of data parameters measured (the Mevo Plus Pro Upgrade does this).

Fusion Tracking should allow Mevo Plus users to enjoy better performance with wedges and chipping practice, compared to before the update.

Check out this video from Flightscope discussing Fusion Tracking (skip to around 26 minutes).

When is Fusion Tracking coming to Flightscope Mevo Plus?

I expect the Mevo Plus Fusion Tracking update to come in later 2021 or early 2022, but the exact date is yet to be announced, I will update this post as soon as the release date drops.

How will Fusion Tracking be implemented on the Mevo Plus?

Fusion Tracking will be implemented as a firmware update, so there will be no need to add any additional hardware or send off your Mevo Plus for a physical tweak.

Will Fusion Tracking increase the accuracy of the Mevo Plus?

Fusion Tracking is a technology promised as a free upgrade for all new and existing Mevo Plus owners, with the specific intention of increasing data accuracy. Optimal accuracy is achieved with Fusion Tracking combining the radar-based monitoring of ball flight with Flightscope’s advanced image processing.

Fusion Tracking is a feature of Flightscope’s flagship launch monitor the X3, as we will discuss later. The X3 is heralded by Flightscope as the most accurate launch monitor on the market, so the addition of this technology to the Mevo Plus should come with plenty of excitement.

Given the high quality of the data measured by Flightscope’s X3 launch monitor, I would expect a Fusion Tracking equipped Mevo Plus to receive a serious accuracy upgrade.

We will need to wait for the upgrade to come out for hands-on testing and comparison of pre and post-upgrade systems.


What remains to be seen with Fusion Tracking and the Mevo Plus Pro Upgrade?

I note that the data parameter of ‘Face Angle’ is not listed in the list of new data parameters in the Mevo Plus upgrade. Flightscope is reporting upcoming parameters including face-to-path and face-to-target though.

The parameter of horizontal launch angle is generally very close to face angle. Both face angle and horizontal launch angle describe the initial starting direction of the ball (before any spin and club path are taken into account).

You will see that the X3 displays club face data as face-to-path and face-to-target rather than raw face angle numbers. However, I would still like to see Face Angle displayed on its own. We should wait and see what happens with face angle and Mevo Plus Pro.

I’d also like to find out whether different modeling and algorithms will be used to calculate parameters like carry distance, between the standard Mevo Plus and the Pro version. If this information becomes available I will let you guys know.

From the perspective of accuracy, we haven’t yet had any official post-Fusion Tracking accuracy error margins published, though Flightscope representatives have mentioned that they’d like to have club path accurate to within 1 degree. I will update this post and my Mevo Plus Accuracy post when we hear more.

Some golfers have found that the biggest flaw in the accuracy of the Mevo Plus has been indoor spin rates, particularly with the driver. If the fusion tracking update allows consistently accurate driver spin to be recorded which aligns to numbers measured with Trackman and similar premium launch monitors then it only strengthens the case to invest in a Mevo Plus.

Similarly, one of the allowances golfers have had to make to expect truly accurate data from the Mevo Plus, a roughly $2000 launch monitor, is to add metallic dots to the golf balls when used inside, in order to attain more accurate spin rates. Backspin and sidespin are essential parameters used in the modeling of many other launch data points such as carry distance.

If Fusion Tracking allowed accurate spin numbers without dotted balls it would be fantastic, though I wonder if this is realistic. For example, Trackman 4 is often heralded as the launch monitor against which all others are measured, and it benefits from dotted balls too.

I’m very interested to try Titleist Pro V1 RCT Balls on a new and upgraded Mevo Plus. The RCT balls are Pro V1s with metallic dots built into the ball and are designed for use with the Trackman 4 for inside use. This combines the benefits of using a premium ball with the benefits of metallic dots and improved spin rate measurement. I imagine that these benefits will be transferrable to Mevo Plus too.

I will keep my eyes peeled to see whether the Fusion Tracking and Pro Package updates alter the Mevo Plus indoor space requirements too.

How accurate was Mevo Plus without Fusion Tracking?

Flightscope has done well over the last year with frequent updates for the Mevo Plus which have incrementally improved the accuracy and usability of the system. You can tell a lot of work has been going on in the background by their engineers. The Mevo Plus is a very different launch monitor from the one that was released in January 2020.

Whilst Flightscope has stopped short of previously releasing accuracy error margins (at least ones easily locatable in their documentation), with a proper setup you can expect good accuracy from your Mevo Plus, especially for a launch monitor in this price range.

As we’ve said, there have been some frequently identified problems such as with driver spin indoors and with putting, but frequent updates are addressing problems all the time. The Fusion Tracking update which is coming free of charge for all users should elevate the accuracy of the Mevo Plus more than any previous update too.

Mygolfsimulator Featured Image

When will GS Pro be integrated with the Flightscope Mevo Plus?

Whilst no official announcement has been made, there have been rumors flying that GS Pro will soon be integrated with the Mevo Plus.

GS Pro is a relatively new golf simulation software program that has gained astronomical popularity for a program fresh out of the beta testing stage.

High-quality ball physics and HD graphics have excited the vast majority of golfers testing GS Pro early.

Potential integration with GS Pro was not denied in recent interviews with Flightscope representatives so Mevo Plus owners can be hopeful of being able to get going with GS Pro in the near term.

Why are the Mevo Plus Pro Package and Fusion Tracking Updates Controversial?

There has been some disagreement amongst Mevo Plus owners in online fora and communities, on whether it’s a good deal. Some cite that this is $1000 for essentially a software upgrade.

Whilst writing for I always try to see both sides of the argument and I can appreciate that a $2000 launch monitor is a big investment for many golfers. It certainly was for me when I first bought my Skytrak a few years ago.

I can appreciate that these golfers feel like they’re getting left behind with the technology and their beloved Mevo Plus, without the expensive Pro Package upgrade, will at least appear obsolete.

However I must also stress that I believe for what you get for this $1000 outlay, it’s a really great deal!

Mevo Plus Ad

Flightscope could have decided to bring out a brand new mid-market launch monitor costing several thousand dollars, to compete with the Foresight GC3 and FullSwing Kit. They may even have made more money doing this.

However, this would almost certainly be seen as giving up on the Mevo Plus and the customer base they’ve built up over the last two years. The early Mevo adopters went through lots of accuracy issues which have since been massively improved.

Offering club data to their current customers for a fee of $1000, and sweetening the deal with Fusion Tracking accuracy upgrades, means Flightscope can make some profit and money to keep innovating and making progress with new Mevo Plus improvements.

The new and improved ‘Mevo Plus Pro’ should be able to easily compete with the upcoming new batch of launch monitors such as the Bushnell Launch Pro.

I do think a legitimate question is why have they not done this from the start, offering club data and Fusion Tracking early and dominating for the last couple of years?

However, Flightscope had to establish themselves in the more budget part of the market, compete head-on with Skytrak and build a customer base. They also most likely didn’t have the technological capability to just roll this out straight away. Maybe it was a long-term strategy to compete with the launch monitors of the mid-2020s.

Perhaps they were waiting for a time when they’re not the cheapest. The Garmin R10 has taken that crown.

One important point to note with the Mevo Plus Pro Package and its $1000 fee, is that it is a one-time license fee. There is no recurring subscription. This is a major advantage over competitors such as Skytrak and the Bushnell Launch Pro.

To be honest, I think many golfers looking longingly at the upcoming Foresight GC3 and FullSwing Kit should have a good look at buying a Mevo Plus right now!

Additionally, the fee for the upgraded data is low when compared to fees charged by other golf simulator companies for similar packages. Foresight usually charges GC Quad owners $4000 for club data and $2500 for putting!

The HMT add-on (granted this is additional hardware) for the GC2 used to add club data and would be even more expensive than this.

Taking this point in mind, we must consider what we can realistically expect from a $3000 launch monitor ($2000 purchase price with $1000 upgrade).

Not long ago, an accurate launch monitor offering club data and golf simulation would cost more than $10k. Your cheapest option was the Uneekor QED which has downsides including requirements of marked golf balls.

Some Mevo Plus owners will wait to see what fusion tracking does and decide if they’re happy with their current setup. This is totally fine! For those who can afford to invest in additional club data to help improve their game, the Mevo Plus Pro Package is, in relation to competitors, a great deal.

What does the Mevo Plus Pro Package and Fusion Tracking Update mean for the Flightscope X3?

Golfers who have just invested in a Flightscope X3 may legitimately be feeling downhearted at the moment. They’ll be asking why they spent a significant additional amount of money on technology that is being rolled out to the much cheaper launch monitor.

The Flightscope X3 has been the company’s flagship launch monitor for a little while now. The X3 does still feature numerous benefits in comparison to the Pro Packaged Mevo Plus.

You get a ton of data points with the X3, 50 in comparison to 27 with the Mevo Plus Pro and 16 with the Mevo Plus standard. The X3 also features advanced short game and chipping data as well as putting.

Has the company made a decision to concentrate innovation at the lower end of the golf simulation market? Or will we soon see a brand new Trackman and GC Quad competitor? At the moment it is unclear but I am eager to find out.

Flightscopex3Launchmonitor Rear 1200X

What does the Mevo Plus Pro Package and Fusion Tracking Update mean for Skytrak?

Skytrak has always been the direct competitor to Mevo Plus. So much so that I wrote my longest article on the entire site comparing the two!

Both Skytrak and Mevo Plus have occupied the near $2000 step in the market since their respective launches, though Skytrak is over four years older than Mevo Plus so was is more ingrained in the golf simulation market.

Skytrak has also made incremental upgrades over the years, the most recent significant change is the addition of spin decay in Skytrak’s modeling to improve accuracy.

However, I feel that Fusion Tracking and the Pro Update for Mevo Plus are absolute game changers for Skytrak. SkyGolf, the company behind Skytrak enjoyed a large portion of the market for much of the early years after their late 2015 launch.

There has been ever-increasing competition with the advent of Uneekor launch monitors, the cheap but exciting Garmin R10 and several new mid-tier systems on the way such as the Bushnell Launch Pro, Foresight GC3 and FullSwing Kit.

Now that their arch-rival is completely overhauling their accuracy and data offering, Skytrak needs a new breath of life. Whether this will come in the form of clever new upgrades or a brand new system entirely, we’ll have to wait and see!

Skytrak Golf Simulator And Launch Monitor Large

Mevo Plus Pro Package Pros and Cons

Mevo Plus Pro Package Pros
  • Fantastic Upgrade of launch data – Advanced Club data available for ~$3000 total (a lot cheaper than many competitors)
  • Fusion Tracking should elevate accuracy dramatically – and this update is FREE!
  • No Subscription Fees! (Pro Package is a one-time fee)
  • Good software compatibility (which is likely to improve)
  • Lightwight and Portable
  • Simultaneous Left and Right Handed Use (as long as setup and room space adequate)
  • 17 Practice Ranges and 5 E6 Courses bundled with a new unit
  • Flightscope is known for excellent support service
Mevo Plus Pro Package Cons
  • Update may not address Putting Setup Difficulties
  • $1000 is a lot of money for many
  • Mevo Plus Pro is still likely to require (at least benefit from) dotted balls when used inside – like virtually all radar-based launch monitors.
  • Camera based systems better for those with small spaces
Mevopluspros And Cons

Garmin R10 vs Mevo Plus

Check out my in-depth comparison guide pitting the Mevo Plus against the Garmin R10 across 18 key comparisons. Work out which portable, affordable radar-based launch monitor is right for you!

Mevo Plus Vs Garmin R10 1
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