How Accurate is Mevo Plus? – 9 Useful Tips to Maximize Accuracy & Stop Misreads

Is Flightscope Mevo Plus Accurate? Mevo Plus is a fantastic launch monitor that uses radar-based technology to measure and model your golf shots on a simulated driving range or golf course. The upcoming Fusion Tracking update will enhance the accuracy of the system further. This article will examine Flightscope Mevo Plus accuracy in detail.

Flightscope Mevo Plus provides good data accuracy, particularly when used outside and in larger spaces. You must set up the Mevo Plus correctly, avoid obstructions to the radar sensor in your simulator area and pay attention to positioning settings such as tilt.

Fusion Tracking is coming to Mevo Plus in Fall 2021 via a free firmware update, this is a Flightscope patented technology that combines radar-based ball monitoring with advanced image processing for enhanced accuracy. The technology was previously a feature of Flightscope’s flagship launch monitor, the X3.

Following the Fusion Tracking update, there will be the option in early 2022 to upgrade the Mevo Plus to a Mevo Plus Pro Package, with the addition of advanced club data. This will be a paid update costing $1000. I will write on the accuracy of the new data when it becomes available. It’s a very exciting time to buy a Mevo Plus!

This article will explain how Mevo Plus works, how accurate you can expect the measurements to be, and which factors may reduce the accuracy of the system.

How does Flightscope Mevo Plus work?

Mevo Plus is a radar-based launch monitor, which means it uses a radar signal to track the movement of the golf ball at and after impact. The radar system senses the differences between electromagnetic waves produced and received by the unit, these waves will be affected by the movement of the golf ball through the launch monitor’s field of view.

It is often said that radar-based launch monitors utilize the Doppler effect, where (usually sound) waves moving towards you will appear at a higher pitch or frequency than those moving away. The analogy of a loud siren on an ambulance is used.

The reality with a launch monitor is a little different, as the radar system uses light rather than sound. Each successive light wave emitted by the Mevo Plus has to travel a very slightly longer distance to reach the golf ball as it flies away from the unit, before being reflected from the ball’s surface and re-detected by the Mevo Plus again.

As each light wave has to move farther, the distance or gap between each wave increases, meaning the wavelength goes up.

The emitted radar signal starts at the Mevo Plus monitor and spreads out in a cone shape (for indoor use, the unit will look out for a sharp drop in ball speed, which is presumed to be when the ball hits the screen).

Mevo Plus can take these principles and use the Doppler effect to accurately determine the ball’s velocity.

The system is even smarter though as it is able to track the ball’s movement and spin through a 3D environment, as well as its speed.

What data does the Mevo Plus measure?

Mevo Plus measures the following 13 parameters, some are directly measured and others are modelled from the rest of the data using software. This is an impressive list that will keep most club golfers data happy for a long period of time!

  • Ball Speed
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Carry distance, Roll and Total Distance
  • Back Spin
  • Spin Axis
  • Side Spin (visible through Spin Axis)
  • Spin Loft
  • Side Angle / Horizontal Launch Angle / Launch Direction
  • Distance offline
  • Vertical Launch Angle
  • Angle of Descent
  • A 3D flightpath with apex height and hang time is then rendered using all of the above data.

Where Mevo Plus falls short of the premium launch monitors such as the Uneekor EYE XO, is the lack of advanced club data (such as club path and face angle).

Do you need Marked Balls with the Mevo Plus?

You don’t need to use any special balls or reflective dots when using Mevo Plus outside, you can just set up your unit and start playing.

Inside, it is recommended to add reflective dots to your golf balls in order to help the Mevo Plus measure spin rates accurately. I really think this is a must when using Mevo Plus indoors because accurate spin readings are imperative to allow accurate calculations of modeled data points such as Carry Distance and how much a ball curves.

Check out this great site selling specially manufactured dots for launch monitors such as Mevo Plus.

Does Mevo Plus Software Choice affect accuracy?

Your Mevo Plus accuracy depends on the software you choose to use too, each will have its own modeling algorithms and ball physics.

Mevo Plus can be used with E6 Connect (and comes with a package of E6 courses when bought new), TGC 2019 and Creative Golf 3D.

The FS apps don’t currently feature settings for elevation and environmental or wind conditions, though if you use Mevo Plus with a third-party software program you’ll be able to change these settings as the software allows. Environmental settings can be the thing that throws accuracy off for some golfers despite a perfect setup (eg if you regularly play in the wind or at high elevation).

Mevo Plus Accuracy – Reviews and Research

There has not been a great deal of independent and scientific research analyzing the accuracy of the Mevo Plus in tightly controlled conditions. Some of the more expensive launch monitors such as Trackman and GC Quad have been tested in this way.

We’ll have to make do with direct comparisons of multiple launch monitors correctly setup, analyzing the same individual shots. Check out this excellent video from Golf Simulator Videos on Youtube, showing you the Mevo Plus, Skytrak and Uneekor QED all set up in the same simulator.

The data gained is similar though there are small differences in parameters across the range of shots hit.

Here’s a video from the ND Golf Youtube Channel showing you Mevo Plus being tested outside against the Foresight GC Quad. The Mevo Plus appears to hold up very well, with the premium GC Quad often being used as a benchmark in other accuracy tests.

As soon as I hear of any further independent testing I will post it here.

Mevo Plus Pro Package and Fusion Tracking Update – Big News!

There are big changes afoot for the Mevo Plus in Fall 2021!

There are two huge upcoming upgrades to Mevo Plus, which will comprise of one free and one paid firmware updates. 

The Mevo Plus Pro Package will add advanced club data to the Mevo Plus, data parameters that are normally reserved for much more expensive systems (Garmin R10 aside). This will cost $1000 and will launch in early 2022. The following launch data will be added:

Here are the launch monitor data parameters available with both the standard Mevo Plus and following the Mevo Plus Pro Update
Launch Data ParameterMevo PlusMevo Plus Pro Upgrade
Carry Distance
Ball Speed
Club Speed
Smash Factor
Apex Height
Flight Time
Spin Rate
Spin Axis
Spin Loft
Shot Shape
Vertical Launch Angle
Horizontal Launch Angle
Lateral Landing
Angle of Attack
Total Distance and Roll Distance
Club Path
Face to Path
Face to Target
Vertical Swing Plane
Horizontal Swing Plane
Dynamic Loft
Low Point
Vertical Descent Angle
Speed Profile
Acceleration Profile

The second update is free and will boost the accuracy of the Mevo Plus using Flightscope’s patented Fusion Tracking technology. This tech combines the radar system in the Mevo Plus with advanced image processing to improve data accuracy. 

Check out my in-depth post on the Mevo Plus Pro Package (and Fusion Tracking) examining these upgrades. I will make a full update to this post shortly to explain the new data points in more detail.

mygolfsimulator featured image mevo plus pro package and fusion tracking

Which Factors Impact the Accuracy of the Flightscope Mevo Plus?

Room Size

The FlightScope Mevo Plus requires more space to operate accurately than some launch monitors. Radar-based systems like the Mevo Plus and Trackman tend to need more space than camera-based launch monitors like Skytrak and GC Quad.

Mevo Plus requires at least 16 feet of indoor room length and another 10 feet in height. The required width depends on your swing and whether you need a centred aim, but we recommend a minimum of 10ft and ideally 15ft or more. Outdoors, you’ll have a lot more room, and Mevo Plus will be able to work optimally.

I recommend Mevo Plus users set up indoors with an absolute minimum space of 16ft (4.9m) long x 10ft (3.05m) wide x 10 ft (3.05m) high, though you will need more space than this for a comfortable experience. More comfortable Mevo Plus indoor room dimensions are 20ft (6.1m) long x 15ft (4.6m) wide x 11 ft (3.35m) high.

Check out my dedicated article about the indoor and outdoor space requirements and considerations for the Mevo Plus launch monitor.

Outdoors, of course, you don’t need to worry about space requirements as much, providing you’re hitting down a driving range, on a golf course or anywhere else where the ball flight is unrestricted.

You only really need to concern yourself with the distance the device is kept back from the tee.

That should be 4-7 feet (1.3 to 2.1 meters) away depending on the club that you’re using, more towards 7ft for the driver.

Mevo Plus Position

You should note that Mevo Plus features three modes for varying room sizes, and this allows the unit to aim its radar slightly differently to allow for being placed closer and further from the impact screen.

There is an outdoor mode, an indoor mode and a short indoor mode. You can flick between these in the settings in each app or program. Always make sure you have the correct mode!

The image below shows you the distances that need to be adhered to for maximal radar capture and hence accuracy.

Those struggling with misreads and accuracy problems should try extending the amount of flight time as much as possible within the confines of the simulator room. The more space you have for the Mevo Plus to watch the ball flying and spinning, the more likely it will be to register the shot.

I don’t recommend shorter distances from Mevo Plus-to-ball than Flightscope states (but you’re free to try different positions and see what happens).

Mevo Plus Tilt

Mevo Plus allows different tilt settings, which can be optimally adjusted if you also own the Mevo Plus Fixed Alignment Dock. The amount of tilt required is slightly more for the FS apps than for most golf simulation programs, so easily (but accurately) adjusting these settings is exactly what you need!

Adjusting the tilt without the alignment dock can be fiddly. You have to alter the tilt either way and match it up with a number on your phone screen, and the Mevo Plus can get knocked at any time unless it is supported.

Correct Alignment is Essential

You can not expect optimal accuracy if you don’t at least follow the alignment instructions from Flightscope. When you think about it, these instructions allow you to help the Mevo Plus get into the best position possible to see your golf ball take off and fly, and record the launch data accurately.

Alignment with Mevo Plus is actually more straightforward than some other launch monitors. Just make sure it’s in the correct position and has the right amount of tilt. Mevo Plus also has an internal camera to allow alignment of your target line and the center of the camera like in the video below.

Here’s an excellent video from Scott Hogan Golf on Youtube, showing you the setup procedure for the Mevo Plus.

Shiny and Reflective Surfaces, Metal and Heavy Machinery

Flightscope recommends against the inclusion of excess metal or heavy machinery in your golf simulator space. They don’t specify why, I speculate that it is because such objects could cause excess and altered reflections of the light waves emitted by the radar in the Mevo Plus, compromising its accuracy.


Try and avoid having any fluorescent or flickering lights in your Mevo Plus golf simulator space. Flickering lights and lighting that are affected by moving shadows (eg from an overhead fan) have been felt to affect the accuracy of the Mevo Plus by several owners. They’re also advised against on the Flightscope site FAQs.

As long as your lights don’t flicker, the level of ambient light in your simulator shouldn’t affect the Mevo Plus because its radar sensors will work whether it’s dark or bright.

Golf Mats and Flooring

The brand of golf mat you choose won’t affect the accuracy of your Mevo Plus but you need to ensure the unit has an adequate line of sight to the area in which the golf ball sits and where it will fly.

This won’t be a problem for full shots but could be a massive consideration when using Mevo Plus for putting as I discuss in my dedicated article linked below.

Mevo Plus should also be stable and not on a terribly spongy surface where it could move around slightly.

Update your Firmware

Always ensure your Mevo Plus is not disadvantaged by out-of-date versions of programs and apps from Flightscope or 3rd parties, especially when the Fusion Tracking update is available!

Don’t Move or Knock the Mevo Plus!

One of the most common reasons I find that my launch monitors have given me inaccurate results in the past has been that I’ve knocked, tweaked or moved them after initially setting them up.

It’s very tempting to simply tweak the unit slightly if you’re finding your shots going a certain direction regularly. Only a full realignment procedure will ensure maximal accuracy.

7 Extra Tips to Stop Misreads with Mevo Plus

You can get misreads with Mevo Plus, especially if you don’t have the required space or fall foul of some of the points above. However, there do seem to be fewer misreads experienced by users of Mevo Plus compared with Skytrak.

Misreads are a lot more common with chipping and putting than with longer shots.

These extra tips have been noted to help golfers struggling with Mevo Plus misreads in the past:

  • Don’t plug Mevo Plus into a power strip, make sure it’s connected to mains electricity when plugged in.
  • Double and triple-check your tilt settings. Using a low tilt level for simulator golf is sometimes the culprit for repeated misreads.
  • Take a look at your simulator floor. Mevo Plus needs to recognize that this is the floor (and hence the bottom of the radar sensing zone) in order to register the shot. Mevo Plus could end up struggling to register shots if it is not at the same height as the ball, or for some reason does not like the color of the floor or how level it is. Alternatively, the unit may register the shot but give you a wacky launch angle.
    • The floor is particularly important for putting, as the unit needs to see the ball roll away from the putter and register it’s direction and spin whilst on the ground. It needs an appropriate view (consider height, tilt and whether there is a fall off before and after your golf mat) and benefits from a logo on the ball (avoid using Sharpie style marks for the benefits of your impact screen).
  • Try not to have several applications (FS apps, TGC 2019, E6) all connecting to Mevo Plus all at once.
  • If you’re having issues in a 3rd party application using Mevo Plus, revert back to the FS golf apps and check the issue exists there too.
  • If all else fails then try Flightscope support, they’ve tended to get good reviews for being helpful in these circumstances.

Mevo Plus Putting Accuracy

Putting is an area where Mevo Plus, and the golfer using it, can get frustrated! Putting can work with Mevo Plus but it is significantly temperamental and requires patience to learn and get right.

You often need to have different tilt settings to those of a normal swing (which is where the Fixed Alignment Dock can come in useful). Golfers must pay attention closely to their setup, particularly the heights of their golf mat above the floor.

Given some of these challenges, many golfers turn on gimme putting (or straight only putting) on programs like TGC 2019 and use their Mevo Plus for practicing every other area of the game.

Check out my dedicated article on putting with Mevo Plus here.

Skytrak vs Mevo Plus – Accuracy of the Units Compared

Skytrak is the big competitor to Mevo Plus, a perhaps more well-known launch monitor, it also occupies the near $2000 price tag. A photometric (camera-based) launch monitor, Skytrak operates differently to Mevo Plus and its radar. As such, Skytrak excels indoors in smaller spaces than would be suitable for the Mevo Plus.

Whilst Skytrak can be used outside, Mevo Plus excels in an outdoor environment or large indoor space.

Sky Golf report quite impressive accuracy for Skytrak, they give specific error margins for each launch data parameter. These are as follows:

  • Ball Speed: 0 – 200mph +/- 1mph
  • Launch Angle: 0 – 55° +/- 1°
  • Side Angle: 0 – 20° +/- 2°
  • Back Spin: 0 – 12,000rpm +/- 250rpm
  • Side Spin: 0 – 4,000rpm +/- 250rpm

Check out my in-depth article comparing Skytrak and Mevo Plus across 27 important domains, so you can work out exactly which launch monitor is right for you! I expect the upcoming updates to Mevo Plus could well tip the balance!

You can also learn more about the accuracy of the Skytrak Launch Monitor here.

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Mevo Plus Accuracy – Key Takeaways

Flightscope Mevo Plus is a very accurate launch monitor, you just need to get the setup points correct and ensure that there are no interfering factors in your golf simulator space.

Mevo Plus thrives outside where there is ample room to track the ball as it travels post-impact. Inside, you’ll need to ensure you have enough space for the radar to work optimally.

The accuracy of the Mevo Plus will soon be enhanced much further with the addition of Fusion Tracking, via a free firmware update.

The Fusion Tracking update is huge news and along with the new club data featured in the Mevo Plus Pro Package, makes the Mevo Plus look super competitive against all the new upcoming launch monitors (such as Bushnell Launch Pro, Foresight GC3 and FullSwing Kit).

Buy Your Mevo Plus with the Fixed Alignment Dock!

I recommend Shop Indoor Golf for your Mevo Plus purchase, they offer free US shipping and great support, as well as a wide variety of products to build out your golf simulator. They are also the *exclusive US seller* for the Fixed Alignment Dock too!

Garmin R10 vs Mevo Plus

Check out my in-depth comparison guide pitting the Mevo Plus against the Garmin R10 across 18 key comparisons. Work out which portable, affordable radar-based launch monitor is right for you!

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