Uneekor Eye Mini Data -> Ball & Club Data + Measured & Calculated

Uneekor has launched the Eye Mini, a brand new portable launch monitor that utilizes the fantastic photometric and infrared technology previously seen in the EYE XO and QED models. In direct competition with premium portable launch monitors like the Foresight GC3, the suite of Eye Mini data needs to be solid.

The Uneekor Eye Mini measures 11 data points that can be displayed on the portable launch monitor screen, with at least five more data points available on Uneekor and third-party software platforms. The Eye Mini does measure club data but not all possible clubface metrics.

Measured DataCalculated Data
Ball SpeedSmash Factor
Club Head SpeedSide Distance
Side AngleCarry Distance
Launch AngleRun and Total Distance
Back SpinDescent Angle
Side SpinApex (Peak Height)
Attack AngleDistance to Apex
Club PathFlight Time
Uneekor Eye Mini

Uneekor Eye Mini


  1. Robust and Portability: First portable launch monitor from Uneekor, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  2. GS Pro Integration: Official Uneekor integration with GS Pro, alongside compatibility with premium Uneekor software, TGC 2019, E6 Connect and Creative Golf
  3. Dual High-Speed Cameras: Captures a full range of precision data with the ball of your choice. This method of data capture means there are no specific space requirements, only that you can make comfortable swings. 

  4. Non-Marked Ball Technology: no metallic dots or ball markings required
  5. Club Optix Technology: Provides video feedback of the impact between your club and golf ball.

  6. Uneekor Swing Optix - advanced high speed golf swing analysis (requires compatible cameras)
  7. A broad suite of club and ball data: 11 measured and at least 5 calculated data parameters.

  8. Device Compatibility: Works with PC and iOS devices.

  9. Software Plans Available: Offers various software packages including EYE MINI Pro, Champion, and Legend.

  10. Competitive price: Retails around $4,500, much cheaper than other Uneekor launch monitors and midway between competitors (Skytrak Plus/Bushnell Launch Pro, and Foresight GC3). 

The Uneekor Eye Mini Launch Monitor is a versatile and portable launch monitor, equipped with advanced high-speed cameras and infrared sensors for accurate data measurement. It offers comprehensive shot data tracking and video feedback capabilities and is compatible with both iOS and PC devices. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the Eye Mini caters to golfers seeking detailed performance analysis with the convenience of portability.

  1. Portable and Robust Design: Easy to use indoors and outdoors.
  2. Advanced Uneekor Technology: High-speed cameras and infrared sensors for accuracy.
  3. Accurate Data Tracking: Measures a range of ball and club data accurately
  4. Video Feedback: Club Optix technology shows club and ball impact.
  5. Software Compatibility: Works with the most popular golf simulation software. Works on iPads too!
  6. Competitive price: well priced for a portable launch monitor, compatible with GS Pro, utilising Uneekor technology
  7. No specific space requirements: Eye Mini only requires as much room as you do to make golf swings.
  1. Lack of Face Angle + Face to Path: Whilst there are a range of ball and club data parameters measured, face angle and face to path are not currently available with the Eye Mini
  2. Difficult concurrent left or right-handed play: this is the trade-off with every portable photometric launch monitor - those that sit in front of the golfer on the floor. You would have to move the unit every time you switch between RH/LH players
  3. Higher-level Uneekor programs cost extra: Refine/Refine+ cost additional fees

We examine all the ball and club data measured by the Uneekor Eye Mini in this article.

Uneekor Eye Mini Data 2

What Data Does the Uneekor Eye Mini Measure?

Measured DataCalculated Data
Ball SpeedSmash Factor
Club Head SpeedSide Distance
Side AngleCarry Distance
Launch AngleRun and Total Distance
Back SpinDescent Angle
Side SpinApex (Peak Height)
Attack AngleDistance to Apex
Club PathFlight Time

What Ball Data Does the Uneekor Eye Mini Measure?

The Eye Mini records the following ball data parameters:

  • Ball Speed
  • Back Spin
  • Side Spin
  • Side Angle
  • Launch Angle (Vertical)

The Eye Mini gives readings for both back spin and side spin. Some launch monitors combine these to give a spin axis, which is more like the true direction of spin of the ball (in reality, the ball is only spinning one way, not both backward and sideways at the same time). Some software programs using the Eye Mini may make this conversion for you.

Eye Mini Standard Front Hq White Background 1

Does the Uneekor Eye Mini Measure Club Data?

Yes, the Uneekor Eye Mini does measure club data, though not all the club data points you will find on offer with competitor launch monitors (or Uneekor’s flagship ceiling-mounted models).

The Eye Mini records the following club data parameters:

  • Club Head Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Club Path
  • Attack Angle

You will need to add a clubface sticker to the Eye Mini in order to achieve accurate club data (mainly club path). The unit comes with easy-to-attach stickers and some tweezers. You will place one sticker near the toe as per the included instructions.

Eye Mini Standard 3Q Hq White Background

What Shot Characteristic Data Does the Uneekor Eye Mini Calculate?

The onboard computer on the Uneekor Eye Mini can model the following shot parameters using the ball and club data above:

  • Carry, Run and Total Distance
  • Side Distance
  • Apex Height and Distance to Apex
  • Descent Angle
  • Flight Time

Again, the Uneekor or third-party software programs may add extra calculated shot parameters or measures of consistency amongst groups of shots.

Uneekor Installer Screenshot

What Important Data Does The Uneekor Eye Mini Not Measure?

The Eye Mini does measure club path but does not at present measure face angle, face to path or face to target. It is possible that this will change in the future.

You can see from the table below, that the Mevo Plus (when equipped with the Pro Package) does offer an extra suite of advanced data previously featured on Flightscope’s X3 model (eg curve, low point, speed profile), this data is not available with the Eye Mini nor the other launch monitors on this list.

Eye Mini Standard Top Hq

Uneekor Eye Mini Data vs Competitors

Uneekor Eye MiniForesight GC3Bushnell Launch Pro (Unlocked)SkytrakSkytrak PlusMevo Plus with Pro Package
Ball SpeedBall SpeedBall SpeedBall SpeedBall SpeedBall Speed
Club Head SpeedClub Head SpeedClub Head SpeedClub Head SpeedClub Head SpeedClub Head Speed
Back SpinTotal Spin / Side SpinBack SpinBack SpinBack Spin / Total SpinSpin Rate and Spin Axis
Side SpinSpin AxisSide Spin / Spin AxisSide SpinSide SpinSpin Loft
Side AngleSide AngleHorizontal Launch AngleSide AngleSide AngleHorizontal Launch Angle
Offline DistanceLateral Landing
Launch Angle (Vertical)Launch Angle (Vertical)Launch Angle (Vertical)Launch Angle (Vertical)Launch Angle (Vertical)Launch Angle (Vertical)
Attack AngleAttack AngleAttack AngleAttack AngleAttack Angle
Club PathClub PathClub PathNo Club PathClub PathClub Path
Smash FactorSmash FactorSmash FactorSmash FactorSmash FactorSmash Factor
Carry, Run, Total DistanceCarry, Run, Total DistanceCarry, Run, Total DistanceCarry, Run, Total DistanceCarry, Run, Total DistanceCarry, Run, Total Distance
Descent AngleDescent AngleAngle of DescentDescent AngleVertical Descent Angle
Apex HeightApex + Distance to ApexPeak HeightApex HeightMax HeightApex Height
No Face Angle / Face to Path / Face to TargetNo Face Angle / Face to Path / Face to TargetNo Face Angle / Face to Path / Face to TargetNo Face Angle / Face to Path / Face to TargetFace to Path and Face to TargetFace to Path and Face to Target
Flight TimeHang TimeFlight TimeFlight Time
Swing Plane
Dynamic Loft
Low Point
Speed Profile
Acceleration Profile

Uneekor Eye Mini Room Dimensions

Check out my in-depth article that discusses the necessary space requirements for the Uneekor Eye Mini here:

Uneekor Eye Mini Space Requirements 1

Uneekor Eye Mini Data in Detail

Ball Speed

The Eye Mini measures ball speed, which is the rate at which the ball leaves your clubface. Golf ball speed is determined by the amount of energy transferred to the ball by the club, the effectiveness of the strike, the equipment and the ball’s characteristics, launch angles, spin, and other factors.

This parameter has a close relationship with the distance the ball will travel in the air, but it is not the only variable used to calculate carry distance.

While there are multiple levels of complexity associated with these numbers, simply aiming for a faster ball speed should result in longer drives and greater distance.

Ball Speed

Back Spin

Back Spin is a measurement of the front-to-back spin speed of the golf ball as it exits the clubface. The optimal backspin for a driver is approximately 2500 rpm, whereas a sand wedge stroke may exhibit up to 10,000 rpm.

The relationship between backspin and several other parameters, including launch angle and distance, is close. You can practise regulating the backspin of a variety of shot types with Eye Mini.

Once you have mastered spin rate, you will begin to acquire a much higher level of control over your shots and be able to more accurately gauge their length and height.

Back Spin

Side Spin

Eye Mini also measures side spin, which refers to the amount of horizontal rotation of the golf ball. This determines the degree to which the ball will deviate from a straight line, resulting in a draw or fade shot shape. In actuality, the ball is spinning in a single direction, a combination of backward and sideways.

Some launch monitors describe spin by a spin rate and a ‘spin axis’ to provide a more precise description. While the spin rate is the rotational speed, the spin axis describes the overall spin direction (a combination of backspin and sidespin).

Side Spin

Side Angle

Side Angle is also confusingly referred to as horizontal launch angle and Azimuth. It describes the horizontal angle at which the ball’s motion begins, compared to the target line.

The side angle would describe a push or pull away from the target, which may be exacerbated or ameliorated by a draw or a fade.

Side Angle Azimuth

Side Distance

A similar parameter is the ‘distance offline’ or ‘lateral landing’ which is the actual distance in yards from the target line. This may be described in calculated data within software programs using the Eye Mini.

Distance Offline Lateral Landing

Launch Angle

Eye Mini measures the vertical launch angle, which is the angle of the ball’s takeoff in relation to the slope of the ground. Launch angle is a measurement of the trajectory of your shot, and mastering this can greatly improve your ability.

An optimal launch angle is one of the primary determinants of how far your ball can travel; if it’s too high, the ball will rise quickly, spin excessively, and fall back down; if it’s too low, the ball will fall before reaching its full potential.

If the ground is sloping downward and you hit up, the launch angle will be greater than if the ground were flat.

You should discover that your launch angle is always slightly less than the dynamic loft measurement.

Launch Angle

In order for elite golfers to consistently hit predetermined distances, they must control the trajectory, spin, and direction of their shots.

Club Speed

Clubhead speed is available on the Uneekor Eye Mini and represents the speed of the golf club just before impact. The total distance your golf ball will travel is also determined by your club speed.

The faster the club is traveling prior to impact with the ball, the faster the ball will travel, assuming an effective strike.

If you do not strike the ball with the centre of the clubface, have a poor club path, or have an open or closed clubface, you can have a high clubhead speed but a very inefficient strike. These parameters are discussed later in this post.

Club Spped

Smash Factor

The smash factor indicates the effectiveness of your ball striking. You receive a measurement of the efficiency with which you impart energy to the ball. By analysing your smash factor numbers, you can determine the efficiency with which your strike converts clubhead speed to ball speed.

The Eye Mini displays both ball speed and clubhead speed, providing readings for smash factor as well.

Smash Factor

Club Path

The club path is the direction of the clubhead’s movement at the moment of impact with the golf ball. A perfectly straight shot would be produced by an in-to-square-to-in club path with a square clubface at impact.

At least for right-handed golfers, “in to out” is the movement to the right at impact that results in a positive club path. “Out to in” offers a negative club path and indicates a left-to-right movement for a right-handed golfer.

The image below depicts how the club’s path can interact with the target line. You can practice an in-to-out club path on your way to hitting a nice draw. The out-to-in club path can also result in a power fade.

Club Path 1

Angle of Attack

As the golf club approaches the golf ball, the angle of attack describes whether the club is traveling upwards or downwards relative to the ground. The attack angle can be either positive or negative. Utilizing this data parameter during Eye Mini practice will allow you to improve your ball striking.

A positive attack angle indicates that you are striking the ball upwards, as many golfers do with their driver when the ball is teed up. A negative attack angle indicates that you are striking the ball downwards, as is typical with irons and wedges.

Angle of attack is also referred to as Attack Angle.

Angle Of Attack

Carry Distance

Based on the recorded data, the onboard software of the Eye Mini models your shot and provides you with a carry distance and a total distance. Run distance is the difference between the two numbers.

Lower shots with less backspin will roll further, increasing the disparity between carry and total distance. Depending on the simulation software you choose to utilize, this data may be presented in numeric format.

Carry And Roll Distance

Descent Angle

The descent angle is a measure of how steeply your ball will come downwards at the end of its flight. A steep descent angle will tend to stop quicker than a shallow approach.

You can use this parameter to work on your trajectory and spin control.

Angle Of Descent

Apex height and Distance to Apex

Apex height is the maximum height achieved by the ball during its flight.

For the Uneekor Eye Mini and other camera-based launch monitors, this is a calculated data point based on the launch characteristics of the ball after impact. Radar-based launch monitors may be able to actually measure this parameter when used outside.

The distance to apex measurement is another method you can use to work on your trajectory control.

Flight Time

Flight time is simply a time measurement of how long the ball would be in the air on each shot. Have you ever heard golf commentators ask for a ‘hang time’ on a huge drive?

Flight time can be a fun way of mixing up a long drive competition in your Eye Mini simulator.


The Uneekor Eye Mini is a photometric (camera-based) launch monitor that also uses infrared sensors to record launch data from a position on the ground in front of the golfer.

The Eye Mini is portable and robust and features a high quality outer shell.

Data measured by the Uneekor Eye Mini can be split into ball data, club data and modelled shot parameters. The parameters available at launch are:

Measured DataCalculated Data
Ball SpeedSmash Factor
Club Head SpeedSide Distance
Side AngleCarry Distance
Launch AngleRun and Total Distance
Back SpinDescent Angle
Side SpinApex (Peak Height)
Attack AngleDistance to Apex
Club PathFlight Time
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