Full Swing Kit Space Requirements

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The Full Swing Kit is a radar-based launch monitor that was released in 2021. At launch, the Kit was optimized for outdoor use but you can use it inside too! This article will discuss Full Swing Kit indoor space requirements in detail.

The Full Swing Kit requires a minimum indoor room length of 21ft, comprised of 10ft tee-to-screen distance, 10ft tee-to-launch monitor distance, and 1ft behind the impact screen. Full Swing do not advise minimum room width and height requirements, but I recommend at least 10ft width and 10ft height.

Full Swing Kit Indoor Space RequirementsRoom LengthRoom WidthRoom Height
Recommended21ft15ft or more10ft or more
Full Swing Kit Space Requirements

Full Swing Kit Indoor Space Requirements

Room Length and Full Swing Kit

Room length is the space requirement that is most important when setting up inside with a Full Swing Kit. You need a total of 21ft of room length. This is split into 10ft between the Full Swing Kit and the ball, 10ft between the ball and impact screen (or net), and 1ft behind the screen (or net) to allow safe deformation.

The Full Swing Kit works using a radar sensor, meaning the launch monitor sits behind the golfer taking a full view of the golf simulator space, which is different to competitor launch monitors that use high-speed cameras.

Fsk Length 1

The radar technology within the Kit needs to be able to view the flight and spin of the golf ball after impact, as well as the interaction between the club and the ball at the point of strike.

This 21ft of room length may be longer than you have available, in which case I recommend looking at camera-based launch monitors such as the Bushnell Launch Pro, Foresight GC3, or Skytrak. I’ve linked directly to articles discussing their space requirements above.

Full Swing Kit Room Width

Full Swing don’t mandate an indoor room width for the Kit launch monitor, though you will need enough room to swing comfortably. You will need a bit extra room width to swing the club with a central aim point too. I recommend a minimum of 10ft of width but 15ft or more is much better.

The required width for the Full Swing Kit setup is just like setups with many other launch monitors. You need enough room to swing the club without hitting anything and without being nervous about hitting the back wall and developing an ‘indoor swing’.

Fsk Width 1

However, the ideal setup is always to be able to address the ball in the centre of the room, and you need enough room width to allow this. If your room is too narrow (<15ft) then you will address the ball at a position that means the target line through the ball is not parallel to the centre of the screen (and target on the golf simulator software program).

This means it will be difficult to aim properly and you’ll always be compensating for an off-centre aim. Some driving range programs will allow you to offset this in the software but not all, and it will definitely have an effect when you try to play simulated courses.

Full Swing Kit Room Height

You need enough room to comfortably swing the club without damaging the ceiling or suffering indoor swing syndrome, which is a subconscious worry of striking the ceiling or walls that negatively affects your swing.

I recommend 10ft of room height for indoor golf simulator builds using the Full Swing Kit. This will allow the vast majority of golfers to swing the driver comfortably. You could probably get away with 8.5-9ft of room height but this will be less comfortable.

Fsk Height 1

You also need enough height to let the ball arc up in the air, especially on high-flying wedges and short irons. The radar in the Full Swing Kit needs to be able to view the ball’s flight for the full 10ft of indoor flight.

Some golfers using other radar-based launch monitors have found difficulties (spin misreads, shots not picking up) with high flighted shots (eg wedges) when the room height is barely enough to swing the club.

Full Swing Kit Outdoor Space Requirements

Outside, you only need to have 10ft of space behind you in order to use the Full Swing Kit. You will need 10ft of space in front of the ball if you’re hitting into an outdoor net (or screen) but there are no restrictions if you’re hitting balls on a driving range (the Kit will benefit from longer to track the flight of the golf ball).

This is assuming that outside you have enough width to swing and there’s nothing over your head.

Full Swing

Room Factors that affect the Full Swing Kit’s Accuracy

Like other radar-based launch monitors, there are several factors to get right in order to optimize the unit’s accuracy:

  • Ensure your room conforms to the space requirements. They are there for two reasons – to give the launch monitor the best opportunity to provide accurate results, and to ensure a safe environment to hit golf balls inside.
  • Make sure the Kit is on the same vertical level as the hitting surface. If you’re hitting from a raised mat, you should ensure you also raise the Kit up to the same level.
  • Whilst the radar is not affected by the level of ambient light in the room, ensure you don’t have any fluorescent or flickering lights as these can sometimes interfere.
  • Make sure there are no moving metal items such as fans in the radar area.

Here is a link to the user guide for the Full Swing Kit which is great reading for those considering a purchase.

Full Swing Kit Ball Placement and Hitting Zone

When you align and calibrate the Full Swing Kit, you place it directly on the target line, behind the ball. This means you should place the ball somewhere on the straight line from the Kit to the target, placing the ball off to the side will lead to less accurate results.

The ball can be anywhere on the target line itself, as long as you’re 10ft in front of the Kit.

What Data does the Full Swing Kit Measure?

The Full Swing Kit measures 16 launch data parameters, these 16 data points are split into ball data, club data, and modeled shot data. You can learn a lot more about the data measured by the Full Swing Kit in my dedicated article.

What ball data does the Full Swing Kit Measure?

The Full Swing Kit records the following ball data parameters:

  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Horizontal Angle
  • Spin Rate
  • Spin Axis
Full Swing

What club data does the Full Swing Kit Measure?

The Full Swing Kit records the following club data parameters:

  • Club Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Angle of Attack
  • Club Path
  • Face Angle
  • Face to Path
Fullswingkitapp1 1200X

Which shot data does the Full Swing Kit measure?

The Full Swing Kit records the following shot and group data parameters:

  • Apex Height
  • Side Carry Distance
  • Side Total Distance
  • Carry Distance
  • Total Distance
Full Swing Kit Data

Conclusion – Full Swing Kit Space Requirements

In summary, the Full Swing Kit is a radar-based launch monitor that needs at least 21ft of room width to be used safely indoors. This length is split into 10ft between the Kit launch monitor and the tee, 10ft from tee to the impact screen, and then 1ft behind the impact screen to allow deformation.

You will need enough room height and width to swing the golf club and attain a comfortable golf simulator experience. I recommend at least 10ft of room height though 8.5-9ft is a true minimum. You’ll need a minimum of 10ft room width but 15ft+ will allow a more comfortable setup and a central aim point.

Outside, you only need to ensure there is 10ft of space between the Full Swing Kit and the ball, unless you’re hitting into a net when you’ll need the 10ft tee-to-net like you would do inside.

The Full Swing promises to be an excellent launch monitor. Full Swing was previously best-known for ultra-high-end golf simulators, and the Kit now brings this pedigree into the mainstream launch monitor market.

The Kit is said to be tested and trusted by Tiger Woods, and he lends his name and image to the Kit in marketing. I don’t think Tiger would do this if he was not impressed with the technology.

Here are the pros and cons of the Full Swing Kit:

FullSwing Kit Pros
  • 16 Data Points including Ball and Club Data
  • Fully Portable – Great for Outdoor Use as well as indoor
  • 4K Camera – Full HD 1080p video of your swing, sent to your phone or tablet
  • Customizable Full Colour OLED Screen
  • Internal Wifi
  • Excellent App and Full Swing shot analysis software
  • Tech from Full Swing (known for producing ultra-high-end golf simulators)
  • Robust high quality casing
FullSwing Kit Cons
  • Longer Room Length Requirements than some competitors
  • A newer model (has not had as long to gain a reputation or iron out any initial teething problems with updates)
  • Initially some users have reported lower accuracy with longer clubs when used indoors, this should hopefully be sorted out with firmware updates
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