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The Protee VX is taking the launch monitor market by storm. A new and extremely exciting overhead launch monitor that offers GS Pro integration and a broad suite of data. Have you got the space for the Protee VX?

The following table displays the minimum and recommended length, width, and height for the Protee VX to function accurately:

Length MeasurementRoom LengthRoom WidthRoom HeightProtee VX Position
Minimum Distances18ft10ft +9ft - 10ft3.5ft in front of hitting position
Recommended / Optimal Distances21ft14ft +10ft +3.5ft in front of hitting position

Read on to learn about the Protee VX setup in detail, including why you may be able to get away with less than the recommended room length and width.


Where is the Protee VX mounted in the golf simulator space?

Protee VX must be mounted between 9ft and 10ft off the floor. This height range is important for the calibration and accuracy of the unit. Protee VX can be attached to the ceiling or a mount as long as the sensors are between 9ft and 10ft from the floor.

You need to mount the Protee VX 3.5 feet ahead of where you’ll be playing the ball. So, the VX will be three and a half feet closer to the screen than your ball.

Protee Vx Space Requirements Diagram

In theory, you could hit your Uneekor EYE XO or projector with your ball—especially if you sky a driver—but in my research on forums and the internet, I’ve found that most people don’t find it to be as big of a problem as they first thought.

Before you mount your EYE XO or projector, try placing cardboard boxes where they would go. Then, hit balls as high as you can. Sky a shot with an old driver and a tall tee and then hit the highest flop shot you can manage. If you miss the boxes even when trying, you’ll have every reason to be confident when swinging with the real deal mounted.

As with the Uneekor launch monitors, there are perspex protective shields that will keep your Protee VX safe from stray shots too.

Why Should You Trust Alex White’s Advice on Protee VX Space Requirements?

About Alex White

Alex White, founder of, is an expert on the space requirements of launch monitors like the Protee VX. With over half a million words personally written on golf simulators, including in-depth analysis of numerous launch monitor indoor space needs over four years, Alex combines practical experience and extensive knowledge.

His expertise is rooted in personally designing, constructing, and consulting on multiple golf simulator rooms, frequently addressing the challenges of space constraints. This hands-on experience, coupled with his commitment to detailed, research-based content, makes Alex an excellent source for understanding the space needs of the Protee VX and other launch monitors.

Protee VX Room Length

The shortest recommended room length for a Pyrotee VX golf simulator is 18 feet, made up of 7ft behind the golfer, 10-12ft from tee to screen and 1ft behind the screen.

I don’t think the entire 10-12 feet of tee-to-screen distance, nor the full 7ft behind the golfer are necessary, and I think the longer distance is suggested for reasons related to safety and bounceback. In reality, you should only require enough room length to make effective golf swings with an acceptable level of bounceback.

Having said that, get in touch with Uneekor directly if you’re dealing with a lesser distance and thinking about getting a launch monitor.

The Protee VX observes the hitting area and initial launch window from a vantage point three and a half feet ahead of the player, as shown in the diagram above.

Protee Vx In Use Overhead Close

Protee VX Room Width

Protee recommends a minimum room width of 14ft for the VX launch monitor, though this takes into account the room width needed for a near-optimal experience. You can use the VX in rooms with less width (as much as is required to swing the club effectively, perhaps 10ft).

If your swing is broad or you are tall, you will require more room. For a smooth simulator experience, I usually suggest at least 15 feet of room width. You can do the following in rooms that are 15 feet or wider:

  • Address the ball with your target line aimed at the center of the screen
  • Accommodate left-handed golfers as well as right-handers
  • Swing freely without fear of hitting the wall
  • Have room for extra swing cameras and accessories
Projector Above And Central Location Qed 2

Protee VX Room Height

Protee VX requires a 9-foot ceiling. The recommended mounting height for the VX is 9 to 10 feet off the ground. There is no upper limit, although a joist or mount would be necessary to install the VX launch monitor to a higher ceiling.

Take note that other overhead launch monitors have been successfully mounted at heights lower than 9 feet. I can’t promise that data accuracy won’t be an issue (or that you won’t hit the unit with your swing) because this is lower than the recommended height.

Room Not High Enough No Skytrak

Protee VX Room Dimensions vs Competitors

The room dimensions recommended for the Protee VX are fairly similar to other overhead-mounted launch monitors. For example, the 9-10ft mounting height is the same as found with the Uneekor Eye XO.

You won’t need as much space as you would with radar-based launch monitors such as Mevo Plus and Full Swing Kit, whose space requirements are more stringent due to their need to track the flight of the ball during it’s full flight to the impact screen.

This table lists the minimum and recommended room dimensions for each popular launch monitor within the golf simulator market.

*Skytrak recommend 10x10x10ft as minimum dimensions for safety reasons, rather than for the accurate data capture by the device
** Uneekor recommend roiom length and widths that include space to swing. The required length and width for the launch monitors to work effectively is a bit less
Launch MonitorCamera or RadarMinimum LengthRecommended LengthMinimum WidthRecommended WidthMinimum HeightRecommended Height
Flightscope Mevo PlusRadar16ft22ft10ft15ft+Nil10ft+
Skytrak PlusBothNil (Skytrak recommend 10ft*)15-18ft +Nil (Skytrak recommend 10ft)15ft+Nil (Skytrak recommend 10ft)10ft+
Garmin R10Radar15ft16ft+10ft15ftNil Specific10ft+
Rapsodo MLM2ProRadar15.5ft18ft+Nil15ftNil10ft+
Foresight GC3CameraNil15-18ft+Nil10ft+Nil10ft+
Foresight GC QuadCameraNil15-18ft+Nil10ft+Nil10ft+
Bushnell Launch ProCameraNil15-18ft+Nil10ft+Nil10ft+
Trackman 4Radar15ft18ftNil15ft+9ft10ft+
Uneekor Eye MiniCameraNil15-18ft+Nil15ft+Nil10ft+
Uneekor QEDCamera17ft (Recommended by Uneekor**)18ft+12ft (Recommended by Uneekor)15ft+9ft10ft
Uneekor EYE XO / EYE XO2Camera16ft (Recommended by Uneekor)18ft+12ft (Recommended by Uneekor)15ft+9ft10ft
Full Swing KitRadar21ft21ft +Nil15ftNil10ft
Skytrak (Original)CameraNil (Skytrak recommend 10ft*)15-18ft+Nil (Skytrak recommend 10ft*)15ftNil (Skytrak recommend 10ft*)10ft+
Protee VXCameraNil (18ft recommended by Protee)21ftNil (14ft recommended by Protee)15ft +9ft10ft+

Protee VX: Incredible Features at an Excellent Price

The ProTee United VX Launch Monitor is a high-tech golf training device designed for precision and ease of use. Here’s a detailed overview of its specifications and features:

  1. Dual-Vision Cameras: The VX is equipped with high-speed dual-vision cameras, which are instrumental in tracking detailed club and ball data. This advanced technology ensures accurate measurement of your golf shots.
  2. Smart (AI) Shot Analysis: Incorporating AI and machine learning, the launch monitor boasts smart shot analysis detection and processing software. This allows for almost instantaneous feedback on each shot, typically in less than a second, enabling quick adjustment and improvement.
  3. Incredible Video Replay of Ball-Club Impact: The VX provides slow-motion replays of your club striking the golf ball, taken from the overhead cameras. This was previously a feature only seen in premium overhead devices such as the Uneekor EYE XO/XO2. I’m so impressed that this technology is now available at this price.
  4. Versatile Mounting and Calibration: The VX is an overhead-mounted launch monitor, meaning it is set up above the golfer. It’s designed for use by both right-handed and left-handed players. For optimal performance, it should be mounted 40 to 43 inches in front of the hitting area and 9-10 feet above it.
  5. Markerless Balls. There are no stickers or dots required on the golf balls when using the Protee VX. You don’t need specific brands of balls (such as Titleist RCT). You can use any premium golf ball of your choice; my favorite is the Titleist Pro V1.
  6. Features and Functionality: The VX offers easy calibration, club detection, quick and easy setup, accurate measurement of data (as opposed to calculations), and shot type detection. This comprehensive range of features is aimed at providing detailed shot and swing data for enhanced training efficiency.
  7. Computer Requirements: To operate the ProTee VX, a computer with specific requirements is needed. The minimum system requirements include a 64-bit Windows 10 OS, an Intel Core i7 @ 3.00GHz processor (or AMD equivalent), 8 GB RAM, NVidia RTX 3060 (or Radeon equivalent) graphics card, a broadband internet connection, and at least 5 GB of available hard drive space.
  8. Astoundingly Good Pricing: The ProTee VX Launch Monitor is priced extremely competitively at $6,500, positioning it as an affordable option in the high-tech golf training equipment market. The VX offers functionality that positions it as a direct competitor to the Uneekor overhead launch monitors (particularly the EYE XO and EYE XO2) and comes in at a significantly lower price.
  9. Solid Software Integration: The Protee VX offers official integration with GS Pro and E6 as well as the proprietary TGC 2019 (developed by Protee). You also get access to Protee Labs, the official practice Protee practice software.

Summary and Recommendations

Protee recommends at least 18ft of room length, 14ft of room width and 9ft of room height to accommodate the VX launch monitor in a home golf simulator.

In reality, you could mount the launch monitor in a space measuring just enough to effectively swing the golf club without hitting the walls with your club or developing indoor swing syndrome. You also need to guard against dangerous bounceback.

I recommend 21ft+ of room length, 15ft of room width and 10ft+ for an optimal, comfortable golf simulator experience in which you can achieve a centred aim and accommodate golf simulator extras such as seating or practice aids.

Protee Vx Launch Monitor

Protee VX Launch Monitor

The ProTee VX Launch Monitor offers a range of advanced features and specifications. Here's a list of its key features:
  1. Dual High-Speed Camera System: This system tracks both ball and club data and records the impact between the club and ball.

  2. Ceiling Mounted Design: Suitable for both right and left-handed golfers, it's designed for use in golf simulators and can be easily installed on the ceiling.

  3. No Need for Marked Balls or Clubs: The ProTee VX can track any golf ball being used without the need for special markings.

  4. Large Hitting Zone: The hitting zone measures 25" x 21", accommodating both right and left-handed golfers without recalibration.

  5. Intuitive Software (ProTee Play): The software displays ball, club, and flight data, along with video replays of club-at-impact and ball spin. It utilizes AI and machine learning for quick data analysis and projection.

  6. Ball Data Measured: Includes Ball Speed, Total Spin, Spin Axis, Back Spin, Side Spin, Launch Direction, and Launch Angle.

  7. Club Data Measured: Tracks Club Speed, Swing Path, Club Face Angle, Club Face to Path, Attack Angle, Dynamic Loft, Club Lie Angle, and Impact Point (Vertical & Horizontal).

  8. Flight Data: Provides information on Flight Path, Apex Height, Apex Time, Total Distance, Carry Distance, Off Line, Air Time, Run, and Descent Angle.

  9. Software Compatibility: Compatible with ProTee’s The Golf Club 2019 software and GSPro, offering a smooth simulation experience.

The ProTee VX Launch Monitor, released in 2023, is a state-of-the-art, ceiling-mounted golf simulator known for its dual high-speed camera system that accurately tracks both ball and club data. This innovative device, designed for both right and left-handed golfers, offers a comprehensive and immersive golfing experience without the need for specially marked balls or clubs. The VX brings ceiling mounted golf simulation at a cheaper price than previously available.

  1. Dual High-Speed Camera System: Provides accurate tracking of both ball and club data, enhancing the precision of the simulation.
  2. Ceiling Mounted Design: Suitable for both right and left-handed players, offering a versatile setup for different users.
  3. No Special Equipment Needed: Can track any golf ball and club without the need for special markings, adding convenience.
  4. Large Hitting Zone: The 25" x 21" hitting zone accommodates a wide range of shots without the need for recalibration.
  5. Advanced Software with AI: The ProTee Play software uses AI and machine learning for quick and detailed data analysis.
  6. Comprehensive Data Tracking: Measures a wide array of ball, club, and flight data, providing in-depth feedback for improvement.
  7. Compatibility with Multiple Software Options: Works with The Golf Club 2019 and GSPro, offering diverse simulation experiences.
  8. Video Replay of Club-Ball Impact: I love this feature! There's nothing better for shot feedback and learning.
  9. Incredible Price: For what you get, there is an amazing amount of value here!

1. Ceiling Installation Required: The need for ceiling mounting might limit its usability in spaces with height restrictions or unconventional ceiling structures.

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