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Golf Simulator Cameras Made Simple – Maximise your Improvement!

Have you ever looked at the different golf swing camera options and felt confused? You're not alone! This ...
control box

Golf Simulator Control Box – Complete Guide + Discount

Do you want an easy way of streamlining the process of playing a round of indoor golf? A ...
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Golf Simulator Without Projector – Setup Options & Tips

There are several reasons why a golfer may wish to build their home golf simulator without using a ...
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Protect Your Golf Simulator Walls and Ceiling – 12 Simulator Safety Tips

All indoor golf simulator builds require thought about how the walls and ceiling around the simulator enclosure will ...
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How to Build a DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure – Steps, Tools, Costs + Materials

Golf simulator enclosures are the framework within which a golf simulator is built. They provide protection and structure ...
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Do You Wear Golf Shoes in a Golf Simulator?

I advise trying to make your golf simulator experience as close to real life, on the course shots ...


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