Want to write for mygolfsimulator.com?

Hey Everyone! 

Would you like to earn money by writing for mygolfsimulator.com?

I’m looking for enthusiastic writers with a good knowledge of golf and an interest in golf simulator technology to write content for this site. 


You would be paid a minimum (and usual amount) of $40 per 1000 words (0.04$ per word). Articles will range from 1000 to 2000 words long.

There may be articles suggested that would be paid more than this amount, if there is a larger than normal level of article research required to write the text. 

For each article, you would be sent an article brief, with title and suggested subheadings. 


This work would be to provide ghostwritten content that may be (and likely would be) edited and added to before publication. It could be the case that not all submitted text is used in a published article. You would not retain any subsequent credit for the text or work submitted. 


Some articles may require more primary research to be undertaken and this would be specified in the article brief. For example, you may be required to contact manufacturers to ascertain certain points about a product to help develop the article. 

Images and Multimedia

You are not required to make or provide images, diagrams or video to supplement the articles, though you may suggest ideas for how images and other media or diagrams would be helpful 


After making contact about this opportunity, I may offer to purchase one article from you and I will pay you for this according to the terms above. 

If the work submitted is good then I may offer you the opportunity to write regularly for the site. I would ask that an agreement stipulating terms similar to those above is signed by both parties at this stage. 

I would ask for a minimum of 3 articles per month to be taken on if we made such an arrangement.  Payment would be dealt with via Escrow or similar service to ensure both sides are protected.

**Work would be undertaken on a casual basis as a contractor. This is not an offer of employment, nor are there any associated employment benefits. 

Contact Here

If you’d like to try writing an article for mygolfsimulator.com, please email mygolfsimulator@gmail.com telling me a little bit about yourself. 

I’d like to know where you’re based, your level of english (native, fluent etc), your golfing experience and any experience (a keen interest is also accepted) in golf simulators you have. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!