Recommended Golf Simulator Projectors

Here is a comparison table of the golf simulator projectors on the market that we believe could be suitable for your home setup.

Please look at the specifications and product pages carefully. You can browse our articles explaining each feature to learn more.

I’ve included only short throw projectors and those with ample brightness and resolution to show premium golf simulator software in all it’s glory.

All of these projectors can be bought for under $2000. Most can be found a lot cheaper than that.

Projector NameThrow RatioANSI LumensNative ResolutionInput LagContrast RatioMaximum Lamp / Laser Life (hours)SpeakersVertical Keystone CorrectionHorizontal Keystone CorrectionZoomLens Shift3D SupportLamp or LaserNative Aspect RatioOther Compatible Aspect RatiosOther features and notes
Optoma GT 1090 HDR0.542001920*108016ms300,000:13000010W x 2YesYesDigital OnlyNoYesLaser16:94:3, LBX, 'auto compatible'HDR 4k input Compatible, Excellent Connectivity
Optoma ZH406ST0.542001920*1080Unclear300,000:13000010W x 2YesYesDigital OnlyNoYesLaser16:94:3HDR 4k input compatible
Optoma EH460ST0.542001920*1080Unclear20000:1450010WYesYesDigital OnlyNoYesLamp16:94:3Good classroom features
Optoma EH412ST0.540001920*108032ms50000:11500010WYesNoDigital OnlyNoYesLamp16:94:3HDR 4k input Compatible, Marketed as perfect for boardrooms and classrooms
InFocus IN138HDST0.540001920*108016ms28,500:11500010WYesNoDigital OnlyNoYesLamp16:94:3, 16:10, 2.35:1, 1:1, 2:1, 13:9, 15:9, 5:4Excellent 'Techstation' Connectivity, PC 3D ready, Very Quiet
Optoma GT 1080 HDR0.538001920*10808.4ms50000:11500010WYesNoDigital OnlyNoYesLamp16:94:3 and auto compatibleHDR 4k input Compatible
BenQ MW632ST0.7232001280*80016ms13000:11000010WYesNoManual 1.2xNoYesLamp16:10(5 aspect ratio selectable)Able to scale to 1980*1080
Optoma EH200ST0.4930001920*108033ms20,000:1650010WYesNoDigital OnlyNoYesLamp16:94:3BrilliantColour Technology', 3D Capability
Optoma GT 1080 Darbee0.530001920*108016ms28000:1800010WYesNoDigital OnlyNoYesLamp16:94:3DarbeeVision gaming graphics
BenQ TH671ST0.6930001920*108016ms10000:1150005WYesNoYesNoYesLamp16:9(5 aspect ratio selectable)LumiExpert - adjusts brightness depending on your room ambient light
ViewSonic PX706HD0.6930001920*108016ms22000:1150005WYesNoManual 1.2xNoYesLamp16:9Not StatedSonicexpert Technology'
Acer H6517ST0.530001920*108034ms10000:160002WYesNoDigital OnlyNoYesLamp16:94:3Coloursafe technology'
BenQ HT2150ST0.6922001920*108016ms15000:1700020W*YesNoManual 1.2xNoYesLamp16:9(5 aspect ratio selectable)Premium 20W Speakers, Colour technology optimised for games, Very Quiet unit