Recommended Golf Simulator Projectors

Here is a comparison table of the golf simulator projectors on the market that we believe could be suitable for your home setup.

Please look at the specifications and product pages carefully. You can browse our articles explaining each feature to learn more.

Recommended Golf Simulator Projectors - Specifications

Projector ModelBuy NowResolutionLumensThrow RatioContrast RatioAspect Ratio (Native)Aspect Ratios (in settings)Lens ShiftKeystone CorrectionLight Source
BenQ LK 936STBuy Now3840*2160 (4K)51000.81-0.89 : 13,000,000:116:9Auto/4:3/16:9/16:10/2.4:1Vertical +/-60%, Horizontal +/- 23%Vertical + Horizontal (+/- 40 deg)Laser (20000 hours life)
BenQ LK 953STBuy Now3840*2160 (4K)50000.81-0.88 : 13,000,000:116:9Auto, 16:9, 4:3, 16:10Vertical +/-60%, Horizontal +/-23%Vertical OnlyLaser (20000 hours life)
BenQ TH671STBuy Now1920x108030000.69-0.83 : 110000:116:9('4 other aspect ratios available')NoVertical ± 30 degrees; Horizontal ± 30 degreesDLP (4000-15000 hrs lamp life)
Optoma EH200STBuy Now1920x108030000.5 : 120,000:116:94:3NoVertical Only (+/-40°)DLP (5000-6000 hours)
BenQ TK700STiBuy Now3840×2160 (4K)30000.9 -1.08 :110,000:116:94:3;AutoNoVertical, Horizontal & Rotational all ±40 degreesDLP (4000 - 15000 hours)
BenQ LU710Buy NowWUXGA (1920x1200)40001.13-1.46 : 13,000,000:116:1016:9, 4:3, Auto, and RealNoVertical ± 30 degrees; Horizontal ± 30 degreesLaser (20,000 hours)
Optoma ZH406STBuy Now1920x108042000.5300,000:116:94:3, LBX and auto compatibleNo+/-15° vertical, +/-15° horizontalLASER (30,000 hours)
Optoma GT2000HDRBuy Now1920x108035000.496:1300,000:116:94:3, 16:10NoHorizontal & Vertical (Both +/- 30 degs)Laser
BenQ LH820STBuy Now1920x108036000.4973,000,000:116:916:10;16:9;4:3;Auto;RealNoHorizontal & Vertical (Both +/- 30 degs)Laser
Optoma ZH450STBuy Now1920x108042000.496:12,000,000:116:94:3,16:10NoHorizontal & Vertical (Both +/- 30 degs)Laser
LG ProBeam BU53PSTBuy Now3840 x 216050000.94-1.143,000,00016:9Original/4:3/Vertical Zoom/All-Direction ZoomVertical: ±50%, Horizontal: ±20%Horizontal and VerticalLaser

I've included only short-throw projectors and those with ample brightness and resolution to show the fantastic golf simulator software programs with the image quality they deserve.

Here are some example projector placements (throw distances) with the associated image size you would achieve on your impact screen.

Recommended Golf Simulator Projectors - Example Screen Sizes

Projector ModelBuy NowThrow RatioExample Image Size in 16:9Example Image Size in 4:3Throw
BenQ LK 936STBuy Now0.81-0.89 : 113ft wide, 7ft 4in tall (with projector 11ft from screen)9ft 4in wide, 7ft tall (with projector 10ft 7in from screen)Short Throw
BenQ LK 953STBuy Now0.81-0.88 : 112ft 5in wide, 7ft tall (with projector 10ft 5in from screen)10ft wide, 7ft 6in tall (with projector 11ft 2in from screen)Short Throw
BenQ TH671STBuy Now0.69-0.83 : 116ft wide, 9ft tall (with projector 12ft from screen)12ft wide, 9ft tall (with projector 12ft from screen)Short Throw
Optoma GT 1080 HDRBuy Now0.49 : 114ft wide, 7ft 10in tall (with projector 7ft from screen)10ft wide, 7ft 6 in tall (with projector 6ft 8in from screen)Short Throw
Optoma EH200STBuy Now0.50 : 112ft wide, 6ft 9in tall (with projector 6ft from screen)11ft 3in wide, 8ft 3in tall (with projector 7ft 4 in from screen)Short Throw
BenQ LH710Buy Now1.13 – 1.46 : 110ft 8in wide, 6ft tall (with projector 13ft 7in from screen)8ft wide, 6ft tall (with projector 13ft 6in from screen)Standard Throw
BenQ TK700STiBuy Now0.90 – 1.08 : 112ft 5in wide, 7ft tall (with projector 12ft 2in from screen)9ft 4in wide, 7ft tall (with projector 12ft 3in from screen)Short Throw
BenQ LU710Buy Now1.13 – 1.46 : 110ft 2in wide, 5ft 9in tall (with projector 13ft from screen)11ft wide, 6ft 2in tall (with projector 14ft from screen)Standard Throw
Optoma ZH406STBuy Now0.50 : 116ft wide, 9ft tall (with projector 8ft from screen)12ft wide, 9ft high (with projector 8ft from screen)Short Throw