Recommended Golf Hitting Mats

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Here is a table comparing all our recommended golf hitting mats.

Each of these mats should provide a quality hitting surface for your golf simulator.

MatPrice RangeRange of SizesMin SizeMax SizeAccommodate Tees directly into the mat?ModularDurability GuaranteeHow does it accommodate lefties?Alignment / Swing Path MarkingsSpecial Marketed Features
Real Feel Country Club Elite$$$Yes4ft x 5ft5ft x 10ftYesNo ( but there are other modular options from Real Feel)3 Year Manufacturer WarrantyTurn it aroundNoTrue Divot Action Design', 'No Bounce', 'Swing Down and Through', 'Takes a Real Tee'
Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor Studio Golf Mat$$$Yes (plus range of modular configurations)4ft x 6ftlarge combo matsNo (4 tee holes in centre portion)Yes300,000 shot guarantee or 1 year manufacturer warranty (5 yr for rubber base)Centre hitting turf and stance mat either sideNoFiberbuilt claims their mats produce the most accurate launch monitor data and cause fewer injuries than competitors
TrueStrike Double Golf Hitting Mat$$$YesSmall Portable Mats80in x 52in or largerNo (but there is a truestrike Tee Receiver)Yes, very55,000 shots or 1 year manudfacturer warranty on the gel surface hitting sectionHitting portion on left sideNoSilicone gel layer under the strike surface, for the 'perfect strike' and to prevent injuries.
The Net Return Pro Turf$$$No6ft x 10ftN/ANo (Net return do sell a small piece of turf tha does)No1 year manufacturer warrantyTurn it AroundNoDesigned for Putting green use too, can provide landing section for golf balls, can fold up easily unlike competitiors, Marketed alongside Net Return Net
Cimarron Ultimate Golf Mat$No4ft x 6ftN/AYesNo1 year manufacturer warrantyTurn it AroundNo3 lengths of grass.
Fiberbuilt FlightDeck$NoSmall Portable Oval Shape MatN/ANo (Fiberbuilt tee adapter included)No300,000 shot guaranteeTurn it AroundNoFiberbuilt claims their mats produce the most accurate launch monitor data and cause fewer injuries than competitors
Fiberbuilt Tee Box Mat$$Yes4ft x 6ft4ft x 10ftYesNo1 yearHit on any portionNoFiberbuilt report 'unmatched shock absorption'
Cimarron Ultimate Golf Mat
Cimarron Ultimate Golf Mat, Cimarron Sports